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With your generous support, we'll delve into the insanity of Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, and Transgenderism, amplifying the suppressed voices and dark truths that need to be heard.

Welcome to a transformative journey. We (you and I) are embarking on a mission to shed light on critical societal issues through thought-provoking documentaries. Your support is more than a donation; it’s an investment in the power of storytelling, advocacy, and positive change.

Our documentaries will aim not just to inform but to ignite empathy, understanding, and dialogue. With your generous support, we’ll delve into the insanity of Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, and Transgenderism, amplifying the suppressed voices and dark truths that need to be heard.

Your contribution fuels more than mere content creation; it fuels a movement. A sleeping giant of the moral majority is at foot. We will create narratives that challenge perspectives, spark conversations, and pave the way for legal action, enforcement of existing morals-based laws, rehabilitation of Main Stream Media, restoration of society, and inevitably our return to normalcy.

Every dollar donated amplifies the voices of the victims of these egregious ideologies. Your generosity directly supports our efforts to showcase harrowing, deeply emotional tragedies of individuals whose stories often remain untold.

You will be investing in top-tier production quality. Your patronage enables me to bring these narratives to life with stunning visuals, in-depth research, and engaging storytelling, ensuring our documentaries make a lasting impact.

I believe in full transparency. Your donations directly fund projects, and I am committed to keeping you updated on progress, milestones, and the tangible impact of your generosity.

Your support isn’t just a one-time donation; it’s an invitation to join a community dedicated to fostering change. Be part of a network passionate about promoting understanding and driving positive societal shifts and the restoration of civility, compassion, equality (not equity), and a morals-based society.

As a patron, you’re an essential part of our team. All contributors will be kept up to date on the status of projects in a newsletter published as pivotal moments occur. Exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes content will always be available to members. Depending on your contribution level, you will even have a say in our future projects in zoom meetings.

Your generosity today will shape the future in a way that is so desperately needed for our future generations..

Your support is invaluable. With your contribution, we’re one step closer to realizing our vision. Join us in making a difference—every donation matters. Thank you for being a catalyst for change.

Below is a list of projects to be acted upon. Some are being story-boarded as we speak;

  • Documentaries
    • Epiphanies of “Social Justice Warriors” as they realize they don’t know what they are supporting. Involves;
      • on-location interviews of both liberal and conservative protestors (ie, Hamas, Transgenderism, Pro-Life/ Pro-Choice, Feminism/Patriarchy)
      • One on One In-Studio interviews with protestors of opposing views.
    • The experiences of transgenders that realize they made a mistake… their journey back to normalcy.
    • The waking up of woke individuals that have discovered just exactly what they are supporting (ie, Muslim Terror Groups, Intolerance of a race while touting anti-racism)
  • Major Music Video Productions
    • Patriarchy Bad, Feminism Good (A music video following the life of an extreme feminist as she realizes she is missing out on all of the traditional love and relationships.)
      • Status:
        • Music recorded, mixed and mastered (enhanced vocals coming).
        • Film Storyboard: Currently being scripted with a shot list.
        • Talent selection to follow.
        • Shooting to follow.
  • Theatrical Video (ie, comedy, drama, etc.)
    • To be determined. Possibilities:
      • Drama: The story of a young child succumbing to transgenderism, explores all aspects of how the mainstream establishment aggrandized a concept that is counter-intuitive to reality, how peers and doctors encouraged pushing the child along a path of self-destruction, the physical and emotional trials and tribulations of this life, and how to find peace after irreversible mutilation.
      • Drama/Comedy: The story of a staunch, black BLMer who finds herself falling in love with a white man… the journey explores having to deal with false concepts promoted by “the crowd” and coming to terms with the reality that we are all just one race and that joy and happiness is to be found in acceptance, not divisiveness.

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