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Democracy or Republic? Why does it matter?

NOTE: I believe that art and music is the “field” that all sentient beings can meet on… peacefully, intellectually, and spiritually.

It is an atrocity that in these current days, everyone has become so terribly polarized.

It is as if each person MUST have their ideologies met, or YOU are the enemy. Well, that just sets us back to the stone age. In order for the world to live in peace, we must be tolerant of all other viewpoints.

Now, when I say “Tolerant“, I don’t mean in this “WOKE” ideology kind of way, where “tolerance” is spoken of by people that have no tolerance for others… That is just insane.

No. I mean true tolerance of all viewpoints. Wherein, I can still shake your hand or hug you even if your views are the polar opposite of my own.

For every view that I share, I invite dialog. I invite you to share your viewpoint. For, if we cannot be willing to listen to all other people, and then consider what we have heard, there can be no progress for the human race. There can be no peace. Wars are fought due to intolerance. Hate is a result of intolerance.

So, all that said, Let me share a recent viewpoint that I feel deeply about. Whether you agree or disagree, know that I recognize you as a viable and important human being. And, I hope that you can transcend the polarity that is now destroying our society, and continue to enjoy the creativity that I share with you:

I often respond to Ill-informed people on Twitter, er, X. Whatever you call it. I thought I’d share this response that I just made on Twitter regarding someone that thinks the government can suspend natural rights…

Natural law is based on ‬

‪“you are a child of the universe… with as much right to enjoy the blessings of this earth as any other living being.”‬

‪In other words, no other living being has any more right to tell you what to do (and what you can have) then you do, they.‬

‪The constitution was created to have an agreed upon “government” to “serve” the people.  It was designed to “limit” government to specific tasks.‬

‪The bill of rights was not written to “grant” rights.  Your “rights” are inherent to your birth. ‬

‪Rather, it was written to emphasize to future generations of government that these are the natural rights of men and women and they can neither be converted to privileges nor deprived.‬

‪After the UNITED STATES Inc. was created (an atrocity in its own right) USC 8 section 241 and 242 was legislated into existence for the purpose of codifying the preservation of these rights and assigning punishments for the violation of these rights.‬

‪Other codes were added over the years to further strengthen individual rights (ie, Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.).‬

‪However, at the same time, politicians at the behest of;

  • foundations,
  • corporations,
  • bankers, and
  • lawyers

have spent the past 100 years legislating draconian bills that have destroyed liberty and turned virtually every “right” into a “privilege” that can be taken away on a whim.‬

The 2nd Amendment was actually bastardized in the 1930s with the NFA (national firearms act). Fear was used to implement this law. Just as fear is being used today to try to eliminate the bearing and ownership of firearms.

But, we must rise above fear and calmly observe what is actually happening and what the consequences of our actions bring.

We must remember that our forefathers literally used firearms to defeat British soldiers who were attempting  to collect American firearms door to door. This was the official beginning of the American Revolution and you would not have liberty if it were not for these brave men and their wisdom to create a “limiting” document to base our civilization upon.

I am paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin to say, “We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.” This was a warning… that Americans must always be vigilant… as any central authority that exists will try to grow and usurp power.

And so it is today, where we don’t have any semblance of liberty. And, where we are a hair’s breadth from totalitarianism.

“Democracy” was as deplorable then, as communism is to freedom now. With the creation of an incorporated US, came the concept of democracy. And, so began the beginning of the usurpation of power.

We have had it drilled into our heads that we must protect our “democracy”. But we aren’t a democracy. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be have everyone trying to save a form of government that is repugnant to the Republic. The whole institutional arrangement of the Democratic and Republican parties was a ruse to legitimize the concept of a democracy in the minds of Americans. Sadly, it worked, and we have been battling the usurpation of power ever since. You can call it socialism, communism, dictatorship, … any name you want. But they were all repugnant to a people that had to use firearms to win back their liberty from a tyrannical regime.

We must understand that our bill of rights is sacrosanct. And we must be willing to defend it to the death. If we do not have this “fervor” then America will join the ranks of 20th century Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and the North Korean Kim family wherein more than 100,000,000+ died in genocide and callous disregard for “The people”.

Genocide only happens under communism and fascism (fascism comes from the left whether you think so or not) and that is always the result of first removing guns (the means of a people to fight for rights) and then all other rights.

Your diligence and vigilance are absolutely required. Freedom isn’t free. Liberty isn’t free. It only exists when you assert your natural rights. Why should you be a victim of the place you were born? Why should anyone else have the right to control your every move, where you can be, what you can say, what you can own, or force you to own nothing?!

You have as much right to fight for your liberty as those that are trying to take everything from you.

So get a backbone, America. In fact, get a backbone, people of planet earth. A very small number of pompous assholes are hiding behind massive technology that we literally helped them build by complying with literally everything, without question, surrendering our independence to them.

We don’t need USD. We don’t need apps for everything under the sun that stores our entire lives to be manipulated by the technocracy.

We don’t need CBDC to replace USD so that our money can be “expired”, withheld, or permanently stolen from us.

We don’t need “green” or “15 minute cities” with limited communication to the outside world (literally outside of your 15 minute city “walking” end to end).

We don’t need to be converted to “all electric” (ie, no gas stoves) so that government, with one flip of a switch, can cut off a section of the city that becomes disgruntled over the loss of basic human rights.

The bottom line is that American individuals must stand united or we will absolutely inevitably fall into totalitarianism and it will be hell for us and our descendants.


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