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It’s possible for us to know what’s happening in the world. It’s also critically important. But, it can only be by what you actually see and experience.

Just believing the history that other people have taught you, no matter how respectable or reliable you think they are, makes no sense whatsoever. You never had any way to validate the truth. You just believed someone else.

You didn’t research historical documents to determine what is possibly true and what is not.

Because we now live in the age of “AI,” we literally have no reason to believe photos, sound recordings, and, increasingly, no reason to believe video representations.

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This isn’t exactly your fault, either. For many generations now, we, as parents, have applied “transfer of authority” while raising our children. What a big mistake! Transfer of Authority is when we send our kids off to school and tell them they must obey and believe the teacher (a third party) as if they were the parent. This is when all the lies, tall tales, and social indoctrination begin.

In truth, if a man or woman is not alive today to tell you what they witnessed, then you have no good reason even to believe that.

History is the lies of the victors.

Julian Barnes

History books are an abomination… full of biases. Full of somebody else’s intention as to what they wanted you to believe.

The current efforts in rewriting history that we are witnessing now make it clear that we should not rely too heavily on any history ever reported.

What would make you think that there was more integrity before?

Since the time of the Magna Carta, there have been a handful of civilizations, if not one, and only one civilization (ours here in the U.S.A. Republic), where the men and women of a society are the Sovereigns. The ones in charge. It’s these times in history that would possibly be the most reliable.

But guess what? Most of the world’s cultures through virtually all of history did not operate under the principle of a constitution… The principle of free and responsible individuals.

Most of the world’s history involves a government that the people consider to be superior. 

And so, of course, we can expect that all of the historical documentation in these periods of time was written with a bias slanted towards the ruling class.

Let’s look at a few examples of blind believing.

How do you know we landed on the moon?

We have seen such ridiculous factoids from NASA that it boggles the mind. Images that are supposedly of Mars landscape that when you magnify them and look at what’s in the background, you see the silhouette of a little row of camels and men.

I would love to show you the image that I reviewed in the browser directly off NASA’s website, but it has been wiped. I can’t find it from its source anymore. All you can find by googling is “FACT CHECKING“… with other images than the original image in question. I would laugh my ass off, except for the fact that this is an unbelievably egregious crime against the people.

Then, there is the so-called live video of a satellite, in which sheet plastic suddenly appears, covering part of the apparatus… Suddenly it appears? in an unedited live video! … Right! And, what, pray tell, is the reason for a satellite in space to have a protective sheet of plastic wrapped around it!? Again, I would laugh my ass off, except for the fact that this shit goes unquestioned, and such videos and photos are taken down the moment controversy starts.

So… What invisible astronaut suddenly popped a plastic wrap over part of the satellite? 

Air Conditioned Suits?

No one has explained to me how you can have air-conditioning in space when there must be air present so that the polarity of ions can be switched to the opposite polarity… that’s how you create cold air. You can’t do this with oxygen from a tank. Occasionally, someone would comment, “I don’t understand physics, “. But they never explain it to me. So much for internet experts.

How is it that a man floating in a space capsule or around a space station can have hoses and belts “hanging“ off of him, obviously being affected by some form of gravity? Even though the 200-pound man is just floating freely as can be? Again, others have commented that I don’t understand things like the law of thermodynamics and gravity. But, no clue is given by these so-called experts.

Don’t think I’m crazy because I don’t believe what everybody else believes.

Believe what you see.

You haven’t seen any of this stuff with your own eyes. No more than I have. You literally have no reason to believe it. You literally have as much reason as I do to question it.

It’s OK if you want to follow the crowd and believe some of these things.

But I choose not to.

I am not saying one way or the other that men have not landed on the moon… or that there isn’t a legitimate Mars program. I am just saying that I have no reason to believe that these things are happening.

I would probably give it far more attention except for the fact that it truly does not and will not affect my “here and now.” 

You can probably guess there’s a great danger in believing what we’re told without a shred of evidence.

The Universe is Six Billion Years Old.

Some things are just plain silly, like telling you that a particular planet or star is “approximately” 562 light-years from Earth and that we can tell the temperature and the planet’s makeup. How ridiculous to think that somebody could tell you that with any certainty? If you don’t have a “control” to test, then all you have is an assumption… a wild-ass guess (WAG). You can’t even call it an educated guess because there can be no education without a “control”… an actual first-hand account to prove the theory.

Carbon Dating

A university dug up a set of bones from under an apple tree and declared them 50 million years old. Then a farmer approached the university and asked for the remains of his donkey back… The donkey that he buried under that tree a few decades ago.

How about carbon dating? Telling you that something is 5 million years old? If something cannot be validated factually, then it must remain a theory. And not be spewed out as fact to an entire population. No one beyond our current lifetime is present to validate a claim of something’s age. I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The ego and deception? Or the idiocy of people (including me in past times) believing what can only be sheer bullshit. Not even speculation. These people may have rationalized that they were speculating. But their speculations aren’t even based on anything factual to arrive at conclusions.

Hundreds of billions of dollars, if not more than a trillion (all on our backs), have been dedicated to the propagating and expansion of unprovable ideas. Meanwhile, the corporations that perform all of this bogus research could have used all of that money to 

  • teach Africans how to grow crops,
  • teach Africans how to supply water to their nations,
  • teach the world the true science of health… that elimination of all processed foods, cooked foods, and animal proteins would create optimal health and maximum longevity,
  • develop methods of free energy production, eliminating the need for centralized sources of energy that must be purchased, thus holding civilizations at the mercy of corporations and government.
  • and on and on.

I am not a backward human being, ignorant of technology, history, mathematics, and the potential of mankind. I am quite the opposite. Our current system of centralized governments, centralized “education,” and centralized personal data has completely stalled the potential of mankind.

Until we recognize that we are an individual first and that we must rely on ourselves, not the government, we do not stand a chance at escaping the greed and egotistical control that is holding us back.



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