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How To Stop Genocide

NOTE: Among other intentions, I hope to bring some historic clarity to what is happening in the Middle East. Somehow, this Agenda 21 / 2030 movement that began decades ago has managed to indoctrinate GenZ all over the globe to think that the smallest ethnicity in the world, the one with the most orthodox and moral beliefs, is a raging monster against a second group, Palestinians, who actually foment violence, hatred, and intentional annihilation of the Jews and all other ‘Infidels.’

NOTE: I believe that art and music are the “field” on which all sentient beings can meet… peacefully, intellectually, and spiritually.

Muslims genocide Every Other Race

Where is Ethnic Cleansing a valid term?

There were 700,000 Palestinians in 1948 and over 7,000,000 today. This does not constitute ethnic cleansing. This is a significant growth in population.

However, if we look at the arab countries, we see a different picture… one fitting to be called Ethnic Cleansing:

Jewish Population 1948 and 2018

It is Muslim nations that have perpetrated ethnic cleansing on the Jews. But not just the Jews. Many smaller Christian and other communities existed throughout the Muslim world less than 100 years ago, and they have all been choked out. The Western world has always stood in silence as this has unfolded.

This makes no sense to me, as recorded history shows that time and time again, Muslims genocide other races every chance they get. [When I use the term “genocide,” I do not mean the watered-down woke version wherein no race or group of people is actually being eradicated from the earth. I am talking about the brutal mass murder of a race.] The Holy Crusades were not obscure wars between different religious groups for petty reasons. Both the Jews and the Christians were being annihilated and had to stand up and fight to prevent the same unGodly, inhuman treatment that just happened in Israel.

Understand this. Muslim organizations have been murdering Christians in Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. Thousands of Nigerian Christians have been murdered at the hands of Muslims. More than two million Christians have fled Iraq to become refugees in the past twenty years.

The Koran teaches Muslims to rid the world of all unclean races. That means every race except the Muslim race. This has been the case throughout history; the Muslims are coming after you, too. The cleansing started in their homelands. But, as they migrate throughout the world, i.e., as they did in 1200 A.D. and beyond (aka, the holy wars), this cleansing is taking place everywhere. They audaciously demand sharia law to be respected and implemented. They have no problem rioting to get their way. For some unknown reason, the liberal left (the party in control) is more than willing to cater to this group, making it clear as day that they intend to rule the world and annihilate all other races.

The United Nations has a separate council for Palestinian Refugees and one for all others (Christians, Jews, and any race that isn’t Muslim). Why? Because… again, for some unGodly reason, the Muslims, who wish to harm the entire world, are being put on a pedestal. They are being treated differently than all other groups.

It is worth noting here that almost every nation pours millions of dollars into Palestine every year for humanitarian aid, even though the Palestinian government (Hamas) uses all of the funds to build missiles, train terrorists, and position military equipment under hospitals and in civilian homes.

The Palestinian Story (the lie fostered by the liberal left)

NOTE: The paragraph below is not reality… not history… This is the sob story created to bolster a movement of Ethnic Cleansing. It has nothing to do with who owns what land. As far as Muslims are concerned, Allah owns it all, and it is only for Muslims. And everyone else must die.

The Palestinians lived peacefully in Palestine for hundreds of years alongside the Jews until “the rise of Zionism” (with the blessing of the British), wherein the Jews decided to “colonize” Palestinian territory and kick Palestinians out of their homes and off of their land.

The unadulterated truth

NOTE: I should mention that in the past, I used to present sources for all material in my commentary. But guess what?! No one gives a damn!

If you have a preconceived notion or belief, then no amount of resource material will change your mind. It is a lot of extra work that means nothing. When someone reads a book, a paper, or a commentary, they should be doing so to seek the truth. When new concepts are introduced, you must be willing to follow the trail down the various rabbit holes. Enlightenment cannot be had in ego. If a lightbulb goes off in your head as you read these words, I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. I want you to think critically about the world around you. There will be no peace until we are all doing the same. You must embark on the journey. You must find and evaluate sources of information. Only when it matters that much to you will a presentation of source material have any weight. In other words, “If you don’t care to seek the truth, then you will not find the truth.”

In the very long history of Israel… history in general for that matter, there was never such a thing as “Palestinian People.” Don’t get mad at me when you think of someone who identifies as “Palestinian’. Of course, a person can identify as anything they want. But, that does not give license to invent non-existent history.

All archeological digs and research in the region come up with Jewish coins, jewelry, and other artifacts… for as far back as they can go. Never at any point has there been a “Palestinian” coin, jewelry, or other artifact.

Jerusalem was never mentioned in the Koran. Under Muslim rule, Jerusalem was neglected, as it was never the capital of a Muslim empire.

Sixty years after the Romans destroyed the Jews’ most prized temple, the Jews rebelled. At this time, the Romans renamed the region known as Judea to Palestine (pronounced Pal*es*teen*a). It was an effort to disconnect the Jews from the name “Judea.” Seven hundred years later, the Muslims colonized ISRAEL, saying that Mohammed ascended into heaven where the destroyed temple stood. You heard that right… umm… read that right. They said that Mohammed ascended at a Jewish temple and it isn’t even in the Koran.

NOTE: To “colonize,” you must be moving into territory wherein you never existed. The Jews were the oldest race occupying the region known as Israel. It is not logical to say, “the Jews are colonizing Israel” because it is, in fact, their native land. You can’t colonize your own land!

The Muslims took the Jews’ Holy Land 1500 years before the existence of Islam and declared it one of their holy places.

Jerusalem was always the center of Jewish Life. Jews pray facing Jerusalem. Muslims turn their back to Jerusalem, praying to Mecca.

Under Muslim occupation, Jewish Worship Sites were only available to Jews for a monetary fee. Steps were taken to humiliate Jews at their holy sites.

Even before the start of a “Zionist” movement, there were more Jews than Muslims in the Region known as Israel.

The Zionist movement was a national movement, not a colonist movement. Jews never stole land or used violence throughout all of the nationalist movements in the 20th century. Many nations were created through migration during this time. It wasn’t unique to Israel. Today’s world map looks like it does due to the many nationalist movements. If this paragraph somehow aggravates you, you can replace that anger with a dropped jaw when you search the history books, newspapers, and legal documents for a single village stolen by the Jews. On the flip side, there were many Jewish villages taken by Arabs (Palestinians) prior to 1947.

For example, in Hebron (1929), Gangs of Arabs murdered 70 Jews. The settlement was abandoned until it was restored to the Jews in 1967. This happened to many Jewish villages in the 1920s.

Arabs used violence against the Jews for many years before the Occupation and creation of the Israel Nation State.

Please take strong note. It wasn’t just Jews receiving this cruel treatment at the hands of Arabs. It was Christians as well. These actions deserve to be called massacres, just as Israel recently experienced. Savage is Savage, and I’m not going to sugarcoat reality.

During British occupation, prior to 1947, the Brits and French decided to create some new countries… How imperialistic of them! Palestinians and Jordanians.

Hundreds of thousands of Arabs flowed into Israel 1917 to 1947 to work under the British occupation. They were obviously not native to Israel. I hope you are taking all this in.

In 1947, the United Nations proposed dividing the land into a Jewish State and an Arab State. The Jews were down with it. But the Arabs wanted no part of it and started a war to terminate Jews. The morning after the partition plan, Palestinians attacked a bus and murdered five Jews. And so began the Middle East crisis that is so unbelievably misunderstood.

I don’t know how it is that the world tends to see things 180 degrees off. But it happened here, and the consequences are tragic.

Just as we have nonsense that “Boys can be Girls,” “Girls can be Boys,” and “the Answer to Racism is more Racism,” Jews are considered the colonizers when they are the originals. And Palestinians are considered oppressed when they are the Jihadists decimating a race.

The Arabs were offered land just as the Jews were. But that wasn’t good enough. Not a single Jew was spared in all of the places that were in local Palestinian hands. It should be clear that it isn’t about land. It is about the extermination of a race. Jewish civilians had to fight off five Arab armies over a fifteen-month period. War is ugly. When you attack a people with the objective of simply killing them out of existence, you are going to take some losses. Seven Hundred Thousand Arabs were displaced. Villages were destroyed. But, this can not be construed as an evil perpetrated upon the Arabs when the Arabs were the attackers killing the Jews.

Eight Hundred Thousand Jews were violently expelled from Muslim Countries. A true minority being ruthlessly treated by the huge Arab world, and not a soul seems to want to take up their cause.

In the free world… the first world nations, we have had many generations where we actually protect the civil rights of minorities with statutory legal codes. And, yet, today, discrimination is a tool of big government and social institutions. These social institutions teach and foster hatred. And, so we now live in a world that hates with vengeance, the most oppressed group this world has ever known. A group that actually is experiencing the violent, murderous wrath of another race… a group that is actually the target of another race that intends to exterminate them.

Most of the world has no real understanding of what has happened in the Middle East. For anyone to side with Palestinians whose religion dictates that they destroy the Jews, who teach their youth to want to kill Jews when they grow up, and who openly vow to exterminate the Jews makes not one damned lick of sense!

The entire Arab world is Muslim and intends world domination wherein only Muslims exist. That means the rest of us are slated for extermination. THIS IS WHAT THE LIBERALIZED, SPOILED BRAT, BRAINLESS, LEMMING-LIKE FREE WORLD MUST COME TO UNDERSTAND. AND I MEAN NOW.

So! How do we eliminate genocide? People like you and I must share this information with everyone. You can’t be afraid of how you will be perceived. The world is becoming a shit-hole because everyone is afraid not to conform.

  • Wear a mask!? Hell No.
  • Use Pronouns!? Hell No.
  • Accept being fired from a job because you are the wrong color or “gender”!? Hell No. Take it to Court and use the system that was designed to protect you.

But this list is trivial compared to the gradual descent into a world where, once again, the Muslim race is winning an effort to exterminate all other races. We can’t keep doing this time and time again throughout history.

People’s ideologies will not change without the free exchange of ideas. People’s ideologies will not change if you are not confronting them with fallacies in their line of thinking.

For example, these young Arab children are being taught to hate the Jews so much that they should simply kill them on the spot. Young Chinese children are being taught to hate Japanese and Americans so much that they should simply kill them on the spot. In both regions, these children are being taught with rifles and knives to kill the object of their hatred. Any chance we get, when we happen upon this mentality, we must ask them,

  • “What if you are a Jew?” “Should an Arab have the right to walk up to you, stab you in the heart, and behead you with a garden tool?” “If so, then Why? Isn’t your life valuable?”
  • “What if you are Japanese?” “Should a Chinaman have the right to gun you down?” “Isn’t your life worth living?”

Arab migrants are permeating the entire globe. From PEW research, a 2007 poll found that 26% of young Muslims in America believe that suicide bombings are justified. A 2015 poll finds that 1 in 5 Muslims believe violence is justified to ensure that Sharia law is the law of the land in the United States! The numbers are fairly static across most Western countries. One in four Muslims in America believe that violence is justified for Global Jihad.

As you know, we are experiencing a massive uncontrolled migration in the past few years. Polls show that more than 20% of Muslims would not report a fellow Muslim engaging in acts of terror. Millions of Muslims are in the United States, and more than 60% are migrants, meaning they are first-generation…NOT BORN HERE. They have not assimilated, and virtually all of them are Muslim in faith. Not Christian, not Jewish, not anything closely resembling the morals and ethics that America was founded on. Muslim faith dictates that they will engage in the extermination of all other races. I can’t change reality for you. It is what it is, and that is what you must deal with.

For our non-Muslim left-wing, woke Americans, It is imperative to fearlessly ask them questions and then have these one-on-one conversations about the value of human life… any human life, by putting them in the shoes of those they hate and feel they have the right to kill.

We must be champions of free speech. I don’t mean wearing a tee shirt that condones free speech. I mean, we must actively participate in the preservation of free speech. Lawsuits are needed if you are a victim of losing your civil liberty. You must also participate in drafting and supporting legislation to protect such rights. Yes… YOU! Who the hell else has a vested interest in YOUR freedom!? So, get involved! Don’t ask me how. You are an adult. It is your life and liberty at stake. So, take it upon yourself to protect yourself in this world. Learn how! You won’t find an online course! LMAO! You have to live it. So get busy!



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