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Liberalism Requires a Moral Base

Even liberals will admit unabashedly that liberalism cannot succeed without a moral base. Not in so many words, though. They may use words like “ethics“. But ethics are situational, so over time, ethics change while morals remain the same. Without morals, there is nothing to stop a “me-too” type of mindset from ever-expanding and eventually destroying itself.

Today, we have such an eroded base that there is not even a concern for ethics. Madness has set in, as recently demonstrated by college campuses, speakers, politicians, and other leaders openly condoning, glorifying, and celebrating the literal brutal chopping off of heads, burning of people, including babies, gunning down of entire families, and call for the extermination of the people of an entire nation. Our leaders and future leaders (university students) who tout “Inclusivity” are actively participating in an actual genocide while saying that they are defending against genocide. Make this make sense! In what sane world could this happen?

Well, it isn’t something that could happen in a moral-based world. But, it most certainly can happen when generations of our youth have never been taught compassion. It can only happen in a world where generations of our youth were taught to consider themselves oppressors or oppressed… Where generations have been taught to judge people and believe that there is no redeeming value in anybody who does not believe exactly what they believe. Where people are guilty simply by the color of their skin.

We all see it happening. I know I am not telling you something you don’t already know. But, the big dilemma here is that this country, in fact, this world!… is going into the WEF Agenda 2030 shithole if we, the moral minority, do not stand up and take action ASAP! [Note: I actually do not think we are anywhere near a minority. But, we are silent, and therein lies a horrific and devastating fate.]

Who we choose for president is more pivotal today than at any time since the Civil War.

If the moral base in the nation ever becomes the minority, then the United States of America, as a Republic… as a bastion of Liberty… will cease to exist. This has been the case throughout the world and all of history. There may not even be a propaganda-based acronym like U.S.S.R.. If the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have their way, there will be no loyalty to a nation. Only loyalty to the idiot box in your hand telling you that you must sacrifice everything for the “greater good.” “You will own nothing and be happy.” (right… bullshit!)

Just one example… Russia was not always communist. Once liberalism took over, Russia’s society reached a point where the moral majority became the moral minority. The Russian moral framework was unable to fight in both a physical sense and an intellectual sense against the liberal regime and the liberal majority.

We can observe this throughout history in all nations and empires. And what happened in each of those cases is that the moral majority, the moral base that would keep liberalism in check, became a minority.

Why is this a problem? Because, in every case, the “Moral Majority” is associated with the nation’s thriving. And the “Liberal Majority” is associated with the tail end (downfall) of the nation.

This is not to imply that someone who considers themselves liberal is deemed immoral by me. Not at all. What I am stating is that when liberalism prevails in society, society goes to hell in a handbasket. Liberalism, in and of itself, is not at all bad. In fact, “Liberalism” derives from “Liberty”. But Liberty doesn’t mean unabashed freedom. It means “having the freedom to do what is right and good.” Unfortunately, as generations unfold, we end up with “liberal-minded” people who no longer have the conservative or moral framework with which to make decisions about how they exercise their freedom.

So, it doesn’t matter what you think of the candidates personally or on individual issues. It is imperative, this time around, to choose the candidate that exhibits the most moral base.

It will involve you filtering out all of the propaganda and seeing clearly the actions of each of the candidates. Not a single word spoken by the administration, politicians, and candidates today is anything more than rhetoric. They are all vying for re-election. Once upon a time, “the majority” was discerning and paid attention to action. But not anymore. It hasn’t been that way for a long time, and that is why the republic (not the democracy) is hanging on by a thread.

So, I say to you. Stop listening to their words. Pay attention to actions. Horrendous, treasonous crimes are committed as the norm. Billionaires with ill intent buy the politicians. You are living in a world of fascism (the traditional meaning: corporate-controlled government, not the modern definition designed to suck unwitting lemmings into totalitarianism), and it is as much on the Democratic side as the Republican side. In fact, I would have to say it is far more fascist on the Democratic side, and that actually falls in line with American History. See this post. It is a different subject, but its historical account should open eyes.

A demented, elderly man is not running the country. We don’t even really know who is pulling all of these draconian strings. But we do know that the current president is involved in an incredible cadre of criminal activity. We must find someone with a solid moral base… someone who will get rid of all of the corruption within every facet of government. It’s a huge mess, and it isn’t what our forefathers intended. But, the constitution was gifted to us to prevent such a demise. This will only happen if you and I are taking control. So, let’s do it, my friend. Let’s restore the republic with our actions.

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    Liberalism Requires a Moral Base
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