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The Altar of Saint Greta

Many young minds have been sacrificed on the Altar of Saint Greta. 

I am not sure how it came to pass that this child came to influence the United Nations and all other nations in the world. Well, I take that back. It obviously could not have happened without it being a concerted Agenda 2030WEF-supported ploy. 

That said, it still makes zero sense that the entire planet has allowed this to happen without calling BullShit.

We have had several generations of serious school and university indoctrination to reach a point where the management of most major corporations is the brainwashed and brain-dead result of the educational institutions.


It was moronic enough in the very beginning when we saw little Greta chastising the United Nations with her “How Dare You!”.

Moronic” actually does not describe it. I actually burst into laughter while watching it. It is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. It had to be preplanned, with everyone present notified not to react to the idiocy. There is no way that a panel of adults would have sat there listening to a spoiled brat child having an emotional hissy fit and rudely scolding them without their breaking out in laughter or looking appalled. Not in one million years! 

So, again, I have to say, “It makes no sense.”. Unless, of course, it is part of Agenda 2030 (my general name for all of the agendas put forth by Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, and whomever the “Wizard of Oz” is (The invisible leader of the pack).

But, it is sheer insanity (a sign that we all need to take action) that we are seeing Greta “standing with Hamas” and having a group of numb-nut, brain-dead lemmings chanting “No Climate Justice in Occupied Land.” 

This chant is jaw-dropping on so many levels. 

Firstly, just what the F is “Climate Justice”? I would be laughing my ass off, except that thousands of people brainlessly chant this nonsense. 

Secondly, “In Occupied Land”!?

How in God’s name do you mix Climate Activism with the most evil terrorist attack in recent history? What does one have to do with the other?

And, if the term Climate Justice made any sense, why wouldn’t you want climate justice on occupied land!? I swear! It is so stupid and nonsensical that I have to laugh! But, then, I have to cry at the demented mentality of a growing segment of our population. It is insidiously dangerous to all of us here on planet Earth. If this demented state of mind infests the majority of the world population, then we will suffer the loss of Liberty and genocides in numbers that the world has never seen before. 

If you aren’t making the connection between genocide and the woke, demented state, they go hand in hand. The Wokies are out there supporting Hamas because all that matters to them is that they are identifying with someone else who claims oppression. They don’t realize that supporting Islam will eventually lead to terrorist attacks and, worse, that will be as violent towards them as the recent terror attack in Israel. They don’t realize the fundamental belief of Islam and Hamas (see Hamas Charter, 1988) is to eradicate all but the non-Muslim race. They don’t realize that The Holy Wars were actually Christians and Jews defending against a worldwide genocide. We will have more 911s and far worse if this venomous ideology proliferates.

Our younger generations have had their brains turned to mush.

I can only hope that the activists, though loud and utterly brain-dead, are in the minority.

Is there hope?

That said, I have greater hope for the United States of America and the rest of the free world.

I sincerely hope that the silent majority [you and me] wakes the F up and starts taking action in every conceivable way. Our politicians are all bought and paid for by PAC money and other outright bribes of every sort. Wokies staff our schools and universities. The world’s corporations have a vested interest in carrying out World Economic Forum plans for world domination. That includes using the Wokies to disrupt the world to such a degree that governments can step in with United Nations troops and lock everyone down “for their own good.“.


By now, you should realize that the mysterious “wildfires” in Canada, California, Maui, and Australia are not at all mysterious. Land purchases in the works are already associated with building and construction contracts. The Propaganda [PR] for Maui and parts of California has yet to start… The media will put an incredibly positive spin on the convenience of “proposed” 15-minute cities;

  • even though these cities are already more than proposed and already have significant planning in tow
  • even though they will not be convenient.

They are designed and planned to infringe on Liberty as we have never seen in the United States of America REPUBLIC!

Many people, conservatives and liberals alike, see much of this transpiring. However, they are not taking action within the political system, the corporate sector, or the court systems to stop these insane plans from transpiring.

When I speak to people… when I write commentary… and lately, when I write lyrics, it is to inspire people to take action.

You, the reader, are the answer to securing your Liberty. There is no one else. It is the law of nature. You were born of this earth just as all other humans. You have as much right to be here as any other. Nature’s law is the law of the jungle. No one will protect you but you.

My friends, the time has come. The time is now. You must take action.

Get involved at every level that you can manage. 

Are you a parent? 

Either rally your fellow parents to take the wokeness out of the existing school system NOW or replace it with something else: 

You have to come up with something. There is no choice and no putting it off. Your kids are being turned into the lemming-like zombies that we are witnessing all over the world right now.

Are you a business owner?

What is your chamber of commerce doing? Cowtowing to bullshit? Rally the members together. Believe me. They are already awake, and they need a leader. Chambers of Commerce can have a substantial impact on local government regulations. 

Are you an employee? 

Don’t use pronouns. Don’t respect bullshit. Have integrity. If you choose to keep a low profile and go along with the system, you are sacrificing your future Liberty. End of story. Either get other employees to stand with you, or fight the battle yourself, or find a job that isn’t catering to woke bullshit. If you stay there and cave, we all lose.

Have you got some free time? 

Spend it talking to representatives and senators on every level. 

  • Meet with them. 
  • Phone them. 
  • Email them. 

Be unrelenting. 

There is strength in numbers. And it is only in numbers that we will take our sane world back.

Start MeetUp groups in your area. Get your community involved in the legislature and local government council meetings, and even schedule large lunches with your politicians. If we do not show these people that we are seething mad and that we are their boss, then they will do what they want, which means that we have volunteered to be slaves.

That is not the world either of us wants to live in. So, let’s fix things once and for all.



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