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Rose-Colored Glasses Don’t Change Reality

It is amazing to me that in this world rich in information, that we all run around half-witted and without any regard for history and human nature. We have all of the technological advantages and all the wisdom of past generations, and yet we seem condemned to make the same mistakes over and over and over again.


This means that the most horrific, barbaric nature of man will rear its ugly head, time and time again, without end.

In the second week of October of this year, a barbaric, demoralizing attack on Israel occurred. The likes of which had not been seen since the holocaust. In many ways, the actions of these heinous slime that do not deserve to be called human were far more diabolical and …. geez… there are literally no words to describe the unbelievably inhumane, torturous, degrading acts perpetrated by these terrorists.

The conservative news outlets that bring unfettered news to the world… and the online commentators that bring truth to the world all find it necessary to warn the viewer of the horrific, violent content. In spite of the extremely graphic violence, it is, indeed, necessary for the world to know what exactly is happening.

You can take away the distorted history of Palestine, Jerusalem, the Jewish community, WWII, borderline divisions, and on and on… The brutal actions of an armed force of terrorists against people who are just living their day-to-day lives in peace must be considered the most egregious acts that can be perpetrated against other human beings.

Machine gunning down hundreds of young people at a music festival, beheading men, women, children, AND BABIES, raping women while their families lay dead in a pool of blood next to them…. parading mutilated dead bodies around… posting all of these egregious acts on the victims’ social media account for family to witness… burning hundreds of men, women, children and babies to death in their homes… taunting children and murdering their brothers and sisters in front of them mercilessly… And this does not begin to convey to you the depth of what happened.

Without any context of history, these brutal acts can only be met one way in a civil society. These terrorists must be sought out and eliminated. It is the natural right of every man and woman to defend against these acts and do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of life and limb AT ALL COST. When a nation is attacked in this way, it is the natural right of the people of the nation to destroy… totally decimate… eliminate completely… the nation that perpetrated this egregious act of terror.

Now, let’s talk about the “rose-colored glasses.”

You live in America. Or some other first-world country. So, we have not witnessed such acts of terror and can’t fathom that it could ever be possible. Yet, as I wrote earlier, history is replete with examples (in every culture, every society, and every region) of these barbaric, unfathomable acts.

The holy crusades ending in 1271 AD are taught as “religious” wars between Christians and Muslims. Unless you do a deep dive into historical accounts, you will never learn the depth and depravity of the actions of one race against two others.

It is portrayed as a war fought over intellectual idealogy, making it seem neither party was a victim, but both sides’ ego road the day. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mohammed’s Koran taught and still teaches the Muslims to “kill the infidel IN THE LITERAL SENSE. It teaches that unless a non-Muslim concedes to the Muslim God, they should not be spared. And those that concede are to be slaves and considered despicable and unclean.

In the times leading up to the holy wars, the Muslim population was growing throughout Spain and Europe, much like we see happening in European countries, Australia, and even the United States of America. By nature of the belief system of Muslims, they must implement sharia law and stomp out all other forms of religion. And inevitably, ALL OTHER RACES.

And that is what was happening before the crusades started. The Jews and the Christians were treated as second-class people. Eventually, it got to the point that Muslims, as a matter of habit, would torture and murder Jews and Christians out of the blue. In the middle of the day, a Jew or Christian going about his or her daily life would be brutally raped, tortured, and murdered. And it was deemed acceptable by the Muslim majority.

I don’t know how it is – that any society could allow things to get this bad. But, they did it then, and it has happened many times since (MAO, HITLER, THE KIM FAMILY, STALIN), and it is happening now and will happen in the future.

So, the Crusades was a war wherein Jews and Christians fought for their liberty. And they were fighting against brutal treatment; rape, torture, dismemberment and death.

I stated above, “Surely these things won’t happen here.”. Yet, Muslims in every nation, including the U.S.A., have managed to force the acceptance of shariah law. As their population grows, we will reach a point where Shariah law prevails, and any non-Muslim will be considered the same unclean, second-class person worthy of rape, torture, dismemberment, and death. I don’t care how preposterous you think that is. SHAKE OFF THE NORMALCY BIAS. History is replete! It happens everywhere and every time.

And, sadly, Biden’s NO BORDER policy has created an influx of foreigners (mostly fighting-aged young men) that absolutely will organize against the existing population. When you understand that opening the border and allowing everybody under the sun to enter… millions of people… without the ability to assimilate into society, your naivety should quickly disappear. There has to be an overall agenda. And it isn’t as simple as securing a liberal vote to keep the current liberal administrations in power. Although, that is, indeed, part of the overall agenda.

But it is the future plans of this agenda that are of concern; we have actually passed a point of no return. There are millions of fighting-aged men in this country now, with no allegiance to the U.S.. Their religion necessarily dictates that they will do everything in their power to KILL THE INFIDEL (YOU!), just as has always happened throughout history,

It is imperative that all Americans (real Americans) install a conservative administration. And not just any conservative administration. But, an administration that will immediately close the borders and begin a process of finding these illegals that have been released into the interior of the country and begin deporting them.

If we do not deport them, the sheer numbers will make it impossible to defeat. Some may say, “Well, we have the Second Amendment, and we are fully armed and will take care of any uprise.”. But that is just a ridiculous argument, and anyone who thinks this is so must get real.

  • George Soros funded BLM and Antifa.
  • Soros is behind all of the prosecutors who look the other way and do not prosecute any violent crime.
  • The mass opening of the border defies logic. So it is indeed an intentional act to fill the nation up with an army that will disrupt the nation to such a degree that Soros, Klaus, and Company believe they will be able to move UN troops into the nation and solidify a NEW WORLD ORDER.

SOROS and others will happily fund the weaponry of this onslaught of illegal migrants… anything to create mayhem and have the opportunity to usurp all rights.

The mayhem that will ensue will be barbaric, and it is you and I that will suffer the consequences. As unbelievable as this sounds, all Americans need to arm themselves to the teeth with AR-15s and as much ammo as possible.

But we don’t want things to get to the point that blood is shed across this nation. You must immediately demand of your current government the immediate shutdown of the border and the deportation of as many illegal immigrants as possible.

The onus is on you and you alone, my fellow American. As an individual, you cannot rely on anyone else to protect your interests. And, I would say that doing what is necessary to stop an overt attack on you and your family, wherein you will be treated just like the Israelis are today, is inspiration enough to get involved in every way, shape, and form possible. Buy ARs and Ammo. Learn how to use them. Force your government officials to remove and deport illegals.

There is no time to be a bleeding-heart liberal worrying about the health and well-being of these “poor individuals” when the end result of this illegal migratory movement will be the same fate that has occurred throughout recorded history and that is currently happening now in Israel.

I often say, “Wake up, America!”. I have screamed it since the 1980s, when I came of age. I saw the writing on the wall then. And sadly, I am watching it take place before my eyes.

We have to stop this. And we have to do it now.


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