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Gun Violence, Gun Safety, Common Sense Gun Laws and other Meaningless Drivel

Let us first acknowledge, regardless of which side you stand on, that there is a phenomenal effort by the Governments (both state and federal) to do everything they can to control and eventually eliminate gun ownership in America. This should be obvious to everybody, whether considering oneself a liberal, a conservative, anything in-between, or to the extreme edges.

Whenever there is a mass shooting, the opportunity to push disarmament of the people is not wasted. For example, there is a recent active shooter in Maine who has been credited with killing eighteen people and still has not been caught. [this whole event is worthy of special attention, and we will give it that in another post.] What is notable is that in the same period of time, fifty homicides among blacks in Chicago occurred. Throughout the country, these murders (by handgun, knife, hands, cars, etc.) go on daily… every day… every night… 24/7! But, these murders don’t receive attention because it is commonplace and does not meet the current agenda. The occasional nut-job can be a much more helpful tool for the effort of disarming America.

The purpose of our overbearing, tyrannical government is to eliminate the ability of Americans to defend themselves from tyranny as our forefathers did. Our forefathers’ fight against tyranny is the reason for the freedom and liberty we have enjoyed up until now. 

The American Revolution began on the day that British troops marched through the colonies to collect the guns. In past years, I was considered a bit over the top with such a stance (i.e, our government becoming tyrannical). However, present-day activity should make it clear to all that tyranny, at home and abroad, is a very real thing. And that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be make no bones about usurping power.

Handguns are not as deadly as rifles when fighting an organized army hell-bent on disarming America. So, government officials aren’t so concerned with them at this point. But, they are most adamant about removing rifleshigh-capacity magazines, and anything else that could serve as a deterrent against a government army mobilized against the American people.

The Second Amendment does not exist to guarantee the people a right to hunt or go to a shooting range. This is as silly a notion as those government officials who say ridiculous things like, “Who needs a weapon of war?”.

  • On the first point, our forefathers just finished fighting a bloody war for their own freedom from tyranny, and they drafted the Second Amendment for the sole purpose of ensuring that all future generations would always be capable of defending against inevitable tyrannical attempts to seize control of the people.
  •  On the second point, “Who needs a weapon of war?” Anyone who wishes to retain the capacity to defend his/her freedom and liberty. That would be…. “the people.”

Israel is a perfect example of the need to always be prepared. Over the past twenty years, the people of Israel have become less and less prepared for the terrorist attacks that they frequently incur. Looking at their situation from a third perspective, it is obvious that there should be a rifle in every home in Israel. And that all adults should be trained to handle the rifle. After all, it is their lives that depend upon it. And their history shows that it will happen time and time again.

Likewise, here in America, simply turning on the nightly news will make it clear that there is a need for all Americans to be prepared at all times for violent attacks. As stated earlier, there were some fifty black-on-black murders in the same time-period as the Maine murders. Murders of all types are occurring day and night all across America. Millions of Muslims have illegally migrated to America in recent times, and these people blatantly hate the West and are always decrying “Death to America.” This is the race that is capable of and regularly indulges in the most violent and inhumane treatment of fellow humans. Drug addicts in need of a fix are holding people at gun and knifepoint. An ever-growing degenerate and mentally deranged social element is cropping up… And with it, that thing we call “mass murder/suicide.”

More than ever, Americans must own firearms, accumulate ammunition, train, and carry. Many cities, especially blue cities, have rampant crime because liberal prosecutors won’t prosecute. Organized fascist groups such as BLM and Antifa (Is it an irony that “Antifa” [anti-fascist] are funded by fascists and racists?) have a license to loot, pillage, destroy, and kill with reckless abandon.

The Jewish people are now buying AR-15s, handguns, and other rifles, stockpiling ammunition, and training. This is the only logical thing to do when you know that you are a probable victim of murder.

And I have news for you. It isn’t just the Jews. As I stated previously, the Muslims hate America. And, I am neither a bigot nor a conspiracy theorist for saying what is in all of their religious documents, and even and especiallyThe Hamas Charter of 19881. The Koran, the bible of the Muslims, unequivocally states that it is the duty of Muslims to kill the infidel. The infidel is any non-Muslim person. The Hamas Charter further enforces this religious conviction by stating that there can be no two-party solution. Israel must be obliterated (Hamas’ words, not mine.). 

Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it

Hamas Charter – 1988

Fifteen hundred years later, Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini (a better authority on the Koran than either Smalley or I) is able to say, “Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Islam says Kill them (the non-Muslims), put them to the sword and scatter [their armies]. Kill in the service of Allah those who may want to kill you!”

“Islam Unveiled” by Robert Spencer, p. 35


There is only violence. Whether it be by gun, knife, car, or bare hands, it is the morals and/or ethics of a society that determine the level of violence, regardless of the tools used to perpetrate the violence. It is the violence that must be addressed. 

And that means addressing society’s morals. If a society does not want an increasing rate of violence, then it must address the issue of indoctrinating (teaching) the youngest generations good moral/ethical etiquette. There can be no other answer. 

I am forever amazed at the Palestinian propaganda that the general public seems to swallow. Pictures of young Palestinian children are shown in war zones, and the public is supposed to feel sorry for them. There should be sorrow, but not for the reason presented. These young children have been and are being indoctrinated to hate the Jewish race and to want to grow up and kill them. They are taught that it is a matter of family pride to be part of jihad and kill the Jews.

In fact, there are texts, videos and phone calls of proud Hamas terrorists communicating with their parents while still in the middle of the terror attack, telling mom and dad they can be proud of their son for “killing ten Jews” already.

So, gun violence isn’t a thing. Violence is most certainly a thing… an immoral thing and must be handled by nurturing the next generation. As for the young Palestinians, they cannot be fixed (made moral). That, which you learn by age seven becomes your moral compass for the rest of your life.

“Give me a child till he’s seven, and I will show you the man” — Aristotle


He alone who owns the youth gains the future” — Adolf Hitler



Why, certainly, gun safety is a good thing! But, it is a responsibility that comes along with gun ownership. 

  • Just like automobile safety comes with owning an automobile. 
  • Just like owning a swimming pool requires swimming pool safety.

But, unlike the latter two items, gun ownership cannot be legislated. It is silly to think that you have a right to keep and bear arms and that a governing body can limit that right with idiotic laws like having to keep your gun unloaded or in a lockbox or any combination thereof. This disarms you when you need the gun most. By virtue of the fact that you claim a natural right to defend yourself, the idea of gun safety laws becomes laughable. 

Now, on the other hand, the government, at the behest of the people it is obligated to protect, could certainly institute a PSA program to encourage the public to arm themselves, get training, and exercise good practices. However, the government that is constitutionally bound to protect the people cannot do anything to infringe upon the rights of the people.


The phrase “COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS” is purely a propaganda phrase invented by those who want to confiscate all guns. It sounds good because it employs the term “Common Sense.” However, a critical thinker will immediately see the phrase as an oxymoron2 (a phrase that contradicts itself).

Given that a gun law immediately results in the loss of the unfettered right to keep and bear arms, the gun law is the opposite of common sense. Once guns are “controlled,” you have surrendered your right to ownership and usage. It can be taken away on a whim.

It is common sense to retain the right to protect oneself. Whenever anyone in the media or in your own conversations uses this phrase, the idiocy of the phrase needs to be pointed out immediately. 


Assault Weapons Ban

What “weapon” is not for “assault“? It is another one of those oxymoronic phrases that sounds appealing but means nothing. If you go for it and allow a federal law to be passed, it will be regulated by the BATF, and a “list” of assault weapons will be created. As the years go by, more and more weapons will be added to it until there are no legal weapons left.

The 2nd Amendment is for a regulated militia“, and the many variations.

The term “well regulated” when the constitution was written was defined as “prepared and well functioning.” The term militia refers to “the people” acting in concert to defend against any enemy, foreign or domestic, including its own government.

The founding fathers had no idea of how weapons would develop.

This is an argument? For what, exactly? The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to make sure that the people could protect themselves from an army. No matter how weapons develop over time, the purpose of 2A (Second Amendment) is to make sure that the people are armed as well as the infantry of an army.

Gun Free Zones make people safer.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All that you have accomplished is to tell criminals and would-be mass murderers exactly where to go to achieve the most success. As I travel the country, I see the most ridiculous things. In states that are wise enough to allow concealed and/or open-carry firearms, there are retail stores, like Whole Foods, that put up “NO FIREARMS” signs in the window. In some states, such signs are not legally effective. In other states, like Tennessee, there is a requirement to obey the sign. So, in these states, the would-be mass murderer, or even a robber, knows precisely where to go to accomplish his objective.

Making schools “gun-free zones” on a federal level was the most catastrophic thing that could have happened. Our children are sitting ducks because there is no legal way for faculty and management to defend themselves and the children. The law and the signs draw attention to all of the social degenerates… this is where to go to be successful at your deranged objective. A big red target has been placed on our most precious.

There is an endless supply of what I call “drivel.” It is nonsense propaganda that is used during times of crisis to guide you into emotion-based action rather than carefully thinking about the ramifications of the most critical element of the Bill Of Rights. Our founding fathers considered freedom of speech to be of paramount importance. Because without the ability to speak out against a government, there can be no change for the better. The second amendment is the protected right to make damned sure that we, the people, never lose the right to free speech.

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